Deliver custom applications to Luper Stores to help them meet their business requirements.

Services built on Luper Data Services


Logistics as a Service

Subscribe to LEGS Last Mile Delivery services and offer on-demand delivery services to your customers. With LEGS, you can offer your customers real-time access to their delivery status and tracking information. Learn more.


Point of Sale & Kiosk

One of the most powerful POS and Kiosk App that is fast to use and easy to take orders in-store. Supermarket, restaurants, cafes and other speciality retailers use POCE to accept orders in Point of Sale and Self Order Kiosk. Learn more.

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Frequently asked questions

Does it cost to use Luper Data Services API?

As a developer, you will work with store owners to develop services. Subscribed stores will be able to access Luper Data Services API for free.

How much will I earn?

Luper does not control your earnings. You will be able to work directly with stores on Luper, deliver your services and bill them directly.

How do I contact developer support?

You can email our developer support team at We will respond to your query within 24 hours.

What are the terms of service?

As a developer, you will work for and contract with users of Luper Services. You will be bound by the terms of Use and Privacy Policy of Luper.