Give more ways to shop with Connected Touchpoints.

Connected Touchpoints?

Start by creating a digital storefront for your store for free and start selling in-store, online and mobile.

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Manage Easily

Manage your inventory, promotions and other relevant data easily

Sell Anywhere

Create Digital storefront, POS, Kiosk touchpoints or create your own.

Measure & Sell More

Gain access to actionable and predictive intelligence and sell more

Sell anywhere

Gain access to tools and services that will allow you to sell in-store, online, mobile or anywhere. Give your customers the convenience they need to shop for what they need, whenever and wherever they need them.

Connected Eco-System to give you end to end support

Seamless order fulfilment requires on-demand delivery services and state of the art payment processing. Sign up with the right provider easily to deliver what your customers want whenever & wherever they want them.

Keep your customers informed at all times

Keep your customers and staff in the loop at all times with Automation Workflows.

Why Automation workflows?

Today's consumers demand convenience and information on-demand. With automation workflows, you can not only keep your customers from order acceptance to completion and make the entire shopping journey friction less for your customers and staff.

Gain Access to Predictive & Actionable Insights

Put predictive and actionable insights in the hands of your staff and empower them to make informed decisions at the right time and place.

Make your data work for you. Make smarter business decisions from improving your staff performance to making sure you have the right products at the right place and store to increase sales.

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Frequently asked questions

How is Luper different to food delivery or grocery delivery companies?

Unlike the food delivery companies, we provide you the technologies and capabilities to partner with last mile delivery companies so that you can avoid paying commission on your orders, not risk losing customers and build a sustainable business.

I want to add a new user. Will I be billed?

You can add unlimited users for free to use the tools, serve customers and more. You will only pay if the user you are adding requires access to Insights.

Can you help me set up?

With Luper, you are able to set up and start selling within minutes. However, if you need help to set up, feel free to contact our customer success team via live chat. We will be happy to help.

Where do I receive the orders placed by our shoppers?

You can use Luper to manage your business too. Switch to Business profile and start managing your live orders, historic orders configure touchpoints and more.