Pricing to help you scale your business

Our pricing & Commitments explained

You will always have access to organise and manage your data for free.

No limitations! Add as many stores, products, promotions, users, customers and touchpoint.

We do not offer feature or limit based plans but a simple pricing for everyone. This is because we want to give the same level of capabilities and insights to businesses of all sizes and shapes.

99.99% uptime.

Unlimited products, promotions, transactions & customer data

Giving you access to all the tools with no data or user limitations for a fixed monthly fee.

£49.95 / month
(OR £499.95 / year when billed annually)

What do you get?

Accept & process online orders & bookings for one store (Workflow Automation)

Access to Insights to one user (Insights Marketplace)

Have more than one store and require access to insights for more than one user?

Accept & Process online orders in additional stores

£29.95 / month / store
(OR £299.95 / year / store when billed annually)

Give more users access to insights

£29.95 / month / user
(OR £299.95 / year / user when billed annually)
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Frequently asked questions

Can I cancel my subscription anytime?

Yes! You can cancel your subscription anytime and without notice. Subscription payments are charged monthly or annually in advance and and non-refundable.

If I cancel my subscription, do I still have access to my data?

Yes! You will have free access to tools that will give you access to your data.

How is Luper different to food delivery or grocery delivery companies?

Food delivery companies typically acquire your customers, provide a mobile app for them to place order for delivery. They charge a delivery fee from your customers and charge approximately 35% of your revenue. Unlike Food Delivery companies, Luper provides a platform for you give many ways for your customers to shop and give you the tools to partner with last mile delivery companies to deliver your orders.

I want to add a new user. Will I be billed?

You can add unlimited users for free. However, if you new users require access to insights, then there will be a fee per user.

What are my payment options?

If you have less than 15 stores, you can pay using your debit or credit card. If you have more than 15 stores, we will be able to invoice you monthly or yearly in advance.

Do I pay more to create my own application?

Luper Data Services API is available for all subscribed users. You can use the API to build your own applications without paying any additional fees.